Alison Roberts-Brown
The founder of Tourism Garden, Alison has extensive experience in the travel and tourism industry, in her home of Australia as well as Europe, Japan and the rest of Oceania. Alison has worked for and represented international destinations and luxury hotel companies for more than 30 years, covering sales and marketing, public relations, account management, business development, MICE marketing, and high-level stakeholder and diplomatic relations. With an extensive network of connections within the Australasian tourism sector – including industry decision makers, media and a wide range of cultural and diplomatic contacts – Alison is an expert at facilitating targeted promotional activities for clients. Her dedication to achieving return-on-investment for clients offers guaranteed outcomes. Alison is known for her attention to detail, strategic thinking and ability to deliver results above and beyond client expectations.
Lena Frölich
Regional Manager
Lena was born and raised in Germany and spent two years living and working in France before moving to Australia. With over seven years of experience in tourism marketing, holding several roles at various travel marketing representation and wholesale companies, she possesses extensive knowledge of the travel trade, corporate and media in Australia and New Zealand. Lena studied International Business and Marketing in both Germany and Australia and prides herself on her broad experience that have helped her to become the all-round tourism professional that she is today, with skills spanning from content marketing, sales to PR. Lena is trilingual speaking English, French and German fluently, currently working on adding a few more to this list. A passionate wanderer, Lena loves to explore the world, and her own backyard, by foot, kayak, boat and plane and there is nothing that excites her more than learning about new cultures.
Yumi Kawakami
Marketing Executive
Born in Osaka, Japan, and educated at university in Kyoto, Yumi has been a resident in Australia for more than 30 years. Yumi’s vast experience in the travel industry over the past 20 years has been shaped by her background in tourism sales and marketing. Before joining the team at Tourism Garden, Yumi spent seven years working for JTB in Australia, and more than 16 years for American Express as a team leader for merchant services and call centres. A talented cook of Japanese cuisine, Yumi loves showing Australians her home country, helping them uncover and enjoy the wonders of Japan.
Bhagavathi Daly-Erraya
Marketing Assistant
Bhagavathi, originally from Réunion Island, recently finished her Master of Professional Accounting that she now proudly holds on top of a previously acquired Bachelor’s Degree in International Business Administration. Having worked across various industries including tourism, retail and security, with roles in Marketing and Commerce, she makes the Tourism Garden family’s day to day life a breeze by looking after administrative matters. On weekends, you may find Bhagavathi following one of her many passions such as gardening or hiking.

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